remote marketingThere is a lot of talk about Artificial intelligence (AI) taking over different jobs in different industries. It’s come to the point that some people are panicking about whether their careers will be cut short and they will be replaced in the near future. 

What about something like digital marketing?

Is it time for digital marketers to be worried or excited about the new opportunities?

It makes sense to look at the answer to the most obvious question and that’s ‘what is digital marketing’? Only then can we see just how much of an impact the advances in AI will be.

Digital marketing is any marketing of an online variety. This includes everything from website content, blogs, email marketing, social media advertising, and any online promotions. The whole point is to utilise the power of the internet to connect and engage with your target audience. 

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) change the way that happens? 

In a number of different ways and it’s already happening. There are simpler and more effective ways

 to engage and measure many digital marketing efforts. 

It’s now possible to track and measure any marketing campaigns in real time. Where there were long and sometimes laborious tasks in those digital campaigns, these have been automated and the process is more time efficient and cost effective.

These tasks and processes can be easily replicated and even enhanced.

Does that mean that digital marketers are a dying breed?

Not at all! In fact, it is a great advantage for skilled digital marketing specialists to have a more streamlined approach to getting their message out there

It’s never been easier to harness the power of digital marketing and allow a business to build their brand presence, drive better customer engagement, and actually grow their clients.

What is the demand for digital marketing?

Let’s face it, if your business doesn’t have an online presence it is almost invisible. There is no reason for a company, business or brand not to showcase why they are the best choice for their target market. 

Imagine being a business without even a website these days. How would you survive? You need more than a good website though. Having the right marketing strategy is important for every business no matter what their size. 

If you’ve ever wondered ‘do companies need digital marketers?’ then you are asking the wrong question. Not only are digital marketers in demand, they are part of a growing industry and they can often charge large amounts of money for their expertise.

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact online marketing

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will continue to make in-roads in a wide range of industries but the most significant changes will be online. 

Because Artificial Intelligence has the ability to process massive amounts of data and use that to work out patterns and then make predictions, it has a huge capacity to revolutionise digital marketing.

Analysing all types of customer information and using special AI algorithms delivers a more accurate understanding of user behaviour and preferences.

Being able to produce and deliver tailored messages and customised offers has the power to improve the customer experience and bring higher conversions.

All this means more effective use of time and streamlining the whole process of digital marketing from concept through to analysing the results. With less time and money spent through using the advances in Artificial Intelligence, more resources can be used in refining strategies and coming up with concepts that work.

Getting on the digital bandwagon

It’s not too late to get onboard the digital revolution. Even if you have no experience in the digital world, there’s still a great opportunity to make the most of this growing industry.

Too many people are trapped thinking that they need to work harder and longer hours to make any extra money. 

The truth is the direct opposite. 

You can be working less and yet earning more and it’s all thanks to the ability of digital marketing to create a better outcome from the use of your time.

By taking a specialised digital marketing course from the trusted team in the field, you can gain the insights and in-depth knowledge to make the switch to being a digital marketer.

These aren’t just skills that can utilise the power of AI and other online advances, these are high-income skills that can bring you the financial freedom that you’ve always dreamed of.

Where to go to make the most of digital marketing

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