remote marketingLack of focus and belief are the main causes of people staying trapped in a job that they don’t like and doesn’t work for them.

The idea of making a change comes with a level of fear and anxiety. What if making that change was one that gave you rewards beyond all expectations?

That is where the dream of working less but earning more can be more than just something to hope for. It can become a reality. 

The benefits of less work

There is a long list of studies that show working less has huge benefits for people’s health and well-being as well as being better for a business and its productivity.

It’s not always practical for someone to work the hours that they want unless they have the right framework in place and the necessary skills to produce enough income.

Those that do equip themselves with a high-income skillset rarely look back unless it is to wonder why they didn’t make the change sooner. 

One special way to achieve that dream of working less and earning more is to take the path of digital marketing remote work

While remote marketing may seem like a highly specialised field which requires long and painstaking study at a University (and all the debt and expense that incurs), there is a better way.

Here are just some of the many success stories of those who have studied with The Digital Marketing School and now enjoy a life that comes with digital marketing work from home.

Example One – ALEX

Alex was working as a stressed-out chef, with the stress of twins on the way. He was very worried about what type of dad he would be if he couldn’t find a way to provide more for his growing family. His failure at trying other business models left him feeling sceptical.

Then he met The Digital Marketing School. After learning our 4-step blueprint, he started to earn $25,000 per month, which allowed him to quit his job.

Fast forward 12-months, he was earning $40,000 per month in his business, and he now only works 4-hours per day.

Example Two – MELANIE

Imagine being a single Mum unable to provide for her kids. Then think how incredible it would be to be banking $100,000 and earning over $100,000 a month!

Melanie is just another in a long line of the many success stories that The Digital Marketing School is proud to be a part of.

It’s not always easy to see the path ahead. Mel was in that same predicament.

She knew what she wanted but not how to make it happen. She realised she didn’t have the skills she needed or where to get them.

Then she took the first step on her life-changing path and started using the tools of The Digital Marketing School. She now pulls in an average of $50,000 to $60,000 every month.

The other success stories include a variety of people from vastly different backgrounds.

The road to success

Georgia was fired from her corporate job right at the start of the COVID pandemic. She now makes $18,000 to $25,000 a month, working just four-hours a day from home. Now she gets all the time she wants to be with her four young children and the family puppy. 

Phil is the fastest to make money from one of The Digital Marketing School courses.

Within 5-days, he had $4,500 in recurring revenue coming in. That meant he was able to move away from his hard working and stressful sales position and into a more chilled role that made him just as much money in less hours.

Candacy quit her 40-hour a week job, and within eight weeks found she was making $11,000, working for herself, in just that magical number of four-hours a day. 

This is what’s possible for you and you don’t need to have a sales or digital marketing background at all. This is available to everyday people just like you.

You can experience the joys of a healthier and less stressful life. You can live your days without the worry of how you are going to make your next pay stretch to cover all the bills or if you can afford even a small luxury.

Now is the time to turn things around and make things work for you. That’s what a specially designed course from The Digital Marketing School offers you.

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