digital marketing consultantWe’ve all been in a position where we look at our lives and see where we would like to be and how far away we are from that ideal.

It can be disheartening for some or you can use it to get yourself out of the rut and make real and positive changes.

That’s exactly what founder Scott Weddell did and he and the team at The Digital Marketing School have dedicated their lives to sharing their secret of success with others. 

You don’t need to have studied marketing or communications, or to know anything about digital marketing at all to become a successful digital marketer. You can learn all you need to know from the experts who have devised a range of special courses that give you the right skills that allow you to fire your boss and live the life you want.

It might sound like a dream, but it’s a living reality for hundreds of graduates from The Digital Marketing School and you can join them in living in financial freedom. 

A journey to success

Most of us don’t know how to become financially free because we’ve been conditioned to think a certain way. This is the trap of working for a wage rather than being paid for what you 

If you feel like you lack the personal power to create a life the way you want it, you are not alone. Is it any wonder that many of us feel stuck in the traditional employee and boss scenario where we are limited, lost and left frustrated.

It might seem like a huge shift to go from that trading time for money to trading value for money. The truth is that it is easier than you realise. You can actually make more than a full time role but work less hours.

This is when you might hear that negative ‘self-talk’ kick in telling you that it’s just not possible because it goes against everything you’ve been taught from childhood. You are supposed to go through school, then to University and finally get a job with a set salary. If you want to earn more, then you simply need to put in more hours.


You will never really get ahead and are more likely to burn out this way. Rather than be working less, you are spending more time making someone else richer. There’s a better way.

Learning the powerful skill set

One of the key steps to financial freedom is to build a skill set and start charging money for it. This is when you need to learn how to package that new skill set of yours into an offer that you’re able to sell to a hungry market.

That’s where digital marketing has proven to be a powerful and liberating path for digital marketers. The market is continually looking for help in how to connect with their target market and that’s why digital marketing professionals are in such high demand. 

At The Digital Marketing School, we make it our goal to help all our students learn how to serve business owners who are more than happy to pay for new leads and build more sales opportunities for their business.

Only a specialised digital marketing course will allow you to reap the rewards of this in-demand skill set. It’s one of the most powerful ways to create a level of freedom in your life that too many of us never reach.

Could there be anything more enjoyable and fulfilling than waking up everyday and doing what you actually love? 

This could be anything from being able to spend more time with your family, your friends or on your own pursuits. Imagine working the hours you want and have the ability to enjoy your mornings or afternoons at your own leisure. Maybe you want to take time to nurture yourself, do something creative or even travel the world. 

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can literally work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop and a good internet connection. The rest is all up to you and where you want to be. 

You become the all-important connection between customers and businesses by placing digital ads on different platforms.

This special skill is not restricted to anyone with specific talents or prior knowledge. The great thing is that anybody can learn to create their financial freedom with help from The Digital Marketing School.

The financial path that comes with working online

You will probably hear or have already heard about the easy ways to make money online

Nearly all of them are a fantasy and some are dead set dangerous ways of spending your time and money.

Take Multi-level marketing (MLM) for example. This is where you are supposed to be guaranteed to make a lot of money, but you don’t have control over what happens. You are working in a business that isn’t real and even if you make it to the top of the pyramid, your livelihood can be snatched away when the company suddenly folds. 

It’s a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products or services and it’s a dangerous one to be a part of.

The real path to a successful future 

There are many other illusions about how to make money and they all have pitfalls to avoid.

The most common and supposedly foolproof ways to earning a high income include;

  • e-Commerce
  • Property and Real Estate investment
  • Cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Stocks and Investments

The problems with these methods are that you are working in a high stress model with low profit margins (e-Commerce), high risk/low reward ratio (Real Estate), involve a volatile market and the possibility of being scammed (Crypto and Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs) and, in the case of the share market, you have a low percentage of success with 80% of investors losing money.

There’s a better way. All it takes is dedicating your time and energy to completing a quality digital marketing course

That’s exactly what you get when you enrol with The Digital Marketing School. You have the chance to learn high-income skills that give you the keys to financial freedom. It all comes down to having experienced mentors who share their expertise in how to become an invaluable asset to almost any business. 

If you’re ready to take the first step to being able to fire your boss and live life on your terms, then enrol yourself in a truly life empowering course. For more details, register for our next 4 Week Sprint.