Are you sick and tired of the 9-to-5 grind, being told by your boss when and how you should work and how much money you can make? 

If so, you’re not alone!

Most people crave a life that gives them more freedom to call the shots, pursue their own goals, do the things they love, and achieve greater financial prosperity. 

However, many fear leaving the so-called “security” of their employment, so they settle for a lifestyle that doesn’t truly satisfy them.

And can you blame them? With over 30% of small businesses failing within the first few years of trading and many turning out less successful than their founders imagined and requiring much more effort, it’s no surprise that many are wary of becoming entrepreneurs.

But this doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way, because there is! It’s all about building the right skills that allow you to fire your boss and start calling the shots.

Unfortunately, they don’t teach you these valuable skills at school, University, or throughout your work life. That might sound depressing, but it’s all fine because we’re going to lay them out for you right now in a clear and effective way.

High-Income Skills You Need for Success

While it’s true that many small businesses fail, it’s also true that most small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the high-income skills they need for success.

This includes the vital and highly sought after skills of lead generation and sales. Think about it: if you don’t know how to get potential clients through the door and convert them into loyal, happy customers, you don’t have a business! End of digital marketing courses

You can spend all the time in the world creating the most fabulous logos, designing products/services, hiring the best possible staff, or setting up a limited company, but without mastering these two essential skills, your chances of success are severely limited.

There’s even more to it than that. It’s also about knowing whether a business or income vehicle is worth starting in the first place. Does your business idea even offer you the potential to create the dream life you want? How many hours will you need to put in and for how many years? 

This leads us to the next point about how to get yourself set up with…

The 4 Golden Attributes for Financial Freedom

To create a life you totally love, your means of generating income must have these four essential qualities: 

  1. Valuable: What you’re offering must be highly valuable so that people will pay a premium price for your services. 
  2. Automated: You must be able to automate your income vehicle so you can scale and earn based on the VALUE you provide rather than time.
  3. Location-Free: You need to be able to work online from anywhere in the world to achieve true freedom.
  4. In-Demand: There must be enough people wanting to pay for your services, allowing you to generate a growing number of sales and a lucrative income.  

Spotting opportunities and generating income without compromising on these four key traits is a high-income skill in itself. Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs start a business based on an idea that pops into their heads, completely overlooking these crucial principles.

An idea, no matter how amazing or groundbreaking it is, must have the right foundations under it or it will fall over like a house of cards.

What happens next in their new enterprise? 

They end up investing a whole load of their cash, time and effort into a venture, only to discover that it consumes more of their time, puts them under greater stress, and earns them LESS income than their previous 9-to-5 job.

It does the exact opposite of what they hoped for! So, they think, “Why should I bother starting my own business,” and they give up and go back to employment, with the false idea of traditional jobs being “secure” and the best path to take now further reinforced in their minds. 

And unfortunately, the ideal life they dreamed of is now even further out of reach!

Why Mastering Digital Marketing Is the Way to Go

Okay, we’ve talked about the importance of building high-income skills like lead generation and sales conversions and why you need a valuable, automatable, location-independent, and in-demand way of generating income.

Now, let’s look at why digital marketing is the ideal means of making money in a way that incorporates all of these crucial factors. So, examine each of them one by one.

Does digital marketing involve mastering the high-income skills of generating leads and sales? Yes, absolutely, along with a load of other high-value digital skills like digital ads, social media posting, sales copy and content creation, email marketing, and more! 

Is digital marketing in demand? Hell yeah! Every business in every niche needs a skilled digital marketer to help them thrive. In fact, there are not enough marketers to meet the ever-growing demand!

Is digital marketing valuable? You bet; you can charge between $1,000 to $3,000 per month for each client, to begin with, and up to $5,000 per client when you become a total master.

Is it automatable? Digital marketing is highly automatable when you take advantage of the different tools, platforms, and strategies that allow you to automate tasks. You can also create services and packages to sell and resell to multiple clients. Many of our students have 5-10 paying clients.

Is it location-free? Of course, digital marketing services are usually provided remotely, and you can find all the clients you need online too. So you can work from anywhere in the world! 

Build the Skills You Need Quickly and Effectively at the Digital Marketing School

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