digital marketing schoolImagine being able to design your perfect day and then actually live it. That is a real possibility if you are able to clear your own mental roadblocks. 

There is always doubt and stress that comes with change. The danger of subconscious self-sabotage is something to look out for when you are thinking to alter your career path. With the right planning and skill set, you can start the journey to financial freedom and work a 4-hour workday from wherever you want.

That is the beauty and strength that comes with remote marketing.

The move to remote work

Years ago, the idea of working remotely was thought of as a luxury or unusual. 

There is nothing strange about working remotely anymore and people of all walks of life have experienced working from home or another location.

The idea of a physical work location is no longer the norm. If you owned your own business in the past, you would need an office or workplace and look after all the related expenses.

Rather than being something special, working remotely is now the norm and most jobs will offer the ability to work from home or advertise a role as a hybrid of both.

What was the special freedom that freelancers enjoyed is now made possible for a larger group of people. All most people will need for their work is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

For many years, a range of businesses have been able to run on completely remote workforces. As long as the work is done and done to the right standard, there is no great need to have a physical location.

You can get more quality work done, more time efficiently and with less expenses. This is how the ideal of a 4-hour workday can be achieved.

Moving towards a 4-Hour Work Day

The great things about working remotely are that you save time, money and have more control of your work hours. 

There is no commute, no troubles with public transport or parking and you will have more time for yourself in the morning.

Many people have seen the benefits of being able to start their day with a proper breakfast, doing a morning gym class, walking the dog or doing simple household tasks. 

While that extra time and freedom are simple pleasures to enjoy, it also shows you what is possible if you were able to work a 4-hour workday.

The first step is to get a mental handle on just what you could achieve by only working the hours you want and when you want to. 

Could you really make enough money to support yourself (and your family if you have one) by working such short hours? The answer is Yes and you could be closer to realising that dream than you think.

The truth about working less and more effectively

The idea that a typical 8-hour day is one where you produce your best at every minute is just how it is in the real world.

If we are honest with ourselves, we have only got about four solid hours of top work in us on any given day. That’s not the hours that you sit at a desk or go back and forth at the worksite doing whatever it is you’re paid to do. 

The workday usually goes something like this;

  • The first hours you are still waking up, downing one coffee after another and then frantically trying to catch up on what hasn’t been done.
  • Before you know it, there’s lunch and that post-lunch grogginess where you’d rather take a nap than get back to work.
  • Maybe you manage to shake off the drowsiness and find a way to get in a couple of productive hours.
  • Then the afternoon energy dip hits and you are left to watch the clock counting down the time and pretending to be busy until it’s time to leave

Then it all starts again until Friday when you get a short break before the grind kicks back in.

Not only should you be working fewer hours, you need to. It’s a big mistake to think that you will be better off working more hours. Most of the time this just leads to a quicker burnout and the road back to full health is made harder.

A new way to freedom

It’s time to break free of the trap of trading your hours for money. Every year, more studies come out showing that workers are healthier and more productive when they work fewer hours. 

This is the strength of taking up the digital marketing work from home option.

You can be doing great work that energises you and it’s something that you are proud of.

That’s not to say that making that transition into remote working for yourself is a piece of cake. There may be phases of your transition from your old job to being an effective business owner where you may need to put in more time. 

The key thing to remember is that you can get to a highly rewarding 4-hour workday a lot faster than you think.

That’s where The Digital Marketing School comes into it.

It’s time to do something more productive with your time than just grind away at work without any real reward or satisfaction. 

Designing Your Perfect Average Day

Enjoying more time for yourself and greater financial freedom by working four hours a day, just a few days a week does not just come by accident. 

It requires being intentional and taking real action.

What does your perfect average day look like? It always helps to picture what you want in your mind and then you can make it happen.

Is your first hour of the day a fresh coffee? Going for a run? Spending time meditating or catching up with friends?

When will you work your four hours? In the morning, afternoon or later in the night? You don’t have to work all four hours at once either.

That can all happen when you learn high-income skills from one of the specially designed courses from The Digital Marketing School. 

If you’re ready to take the first step to a remote 4-hour workday, download your Free Guide now.

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