You might be wondering how do you find the best way to start living your life to the fullest? Here are four key steps to take if you want to achieve that dream and make it your everyday reality.

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There is something incredibly powerful about knowing the answer to how you can get from where you are now, (what we call the scarcity phase), to that place of living your ideal life.

It takes a focus and self-belief and you will need to work through each of the steps:

  1. Getting Out Of Scarcity
  2. Creating Stability 
  3. Generating A Surplus
  4. Writing The Story Of Your Best Life

Let’s take a look at each of those steps.

Scarcity this is not a fun or the ideal place to be. Having a scarcity mindset is treacherous. It can sabotage you, cause everything you’ve built to collapse, and keep you boxed in and broke. 

The reality is that you can fall into, or get stuck in the rut of a scarcity mindset regardless of the actual amount of money you have, even if you’ve built your own business.

Maybe you’ve been working two or three jobs, and are running around like a headless chicken trying to keep up with the bills, and the things your family wants and needs. 

A scarcity mindset is one of self-sabotage and makes us do the opposite of what we need to do to be successful, and change our lives for the better.

Scarcity thinking is a tempting trap, but we can get out of it, and learn the mental skills to insulate ourselves from it, and take the right actions. This is usually right when we are on the verge of success. 

How do we break through this phase to what we really want?

The key is to ask yourself:

Why do I want to change my current reality?

What skills can I learn to become more valuable?

Concentrating on the WHY will help pull you through, and get the skills to dramatically increase how much you can make per hour. 

What about those skills and what will they bring you?

Stability – With the right set of high income earning skills, and positive thinking, it’s time to create some financial stability. This is a platform and foundation you can build on.

Here you want to create a reliable stream of income, and systems to help you move from starting up your business to beginning to scale it. 

Surplus – Once you have the right foundation, you have a high and steady income that you can grow and then create the surplus you want in time and finances. 

In this step, you reinvest the money you are making to buy more time, and multiply your income. This way you can continue stepping into your dream life. Working less, and enjoying more of the things you want to do and buy. 

As a business owner, you have to step back and take in the bigger picture. You must develop and own an investor mindset.

This means looking for ways to reinvest into your business to make it more productive, streamlined, and profitable. It’s time to step back from the daily tasks by building out your team, then develop new offers to sell to create multiple income streams. 

By putting in some extra time, you can get over the hump and go onto the next level.

Story – This is where you step into living total freedom and write your own future. 

You’ve come out of scarcity, you are not only the owner of your own business, with high income earning skills, living in abundance, with surplus finances and plenty of spare time. 

What you do from here is your call. 

Now it’s time to enjoy the freedom and security you have earned, and start really living your best life story. 

This is all made possible with learning the right skills from experts who have done it themselves. 

That’s where taking a specially designed digital marketing course from the Digital Marketing School can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

As a digital marketing consultant, you have the power to take those four steps to living your life to the fullest. 

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