The story of Scott Weddell – Co-Founder, and CEO of The Digital Marketing School – is one that will inspire you. 

Has it always been an easy path? No.

Does it have warning signs for you? Possibly.

Can it show you that when you combine your passion with learning, you can really go places? Yes!

Less than 10 years ago, Scott was hard at work on a building site as a carpenter and joiner. That exhausting and demanding job earned him just $20 an hour. 

This became soul-destroying for him. He knew there had to be a better way and that he couldn’t afford to be trapped in a future that was nothing short of bleak.

Scott remembers one day being on-site and bumping into a painter who looked really down. He asked the bloke what was up and the response struck Scott right in the heart.

“Son – leave the trade. I wish I’d gotten out when I was your age.”

That was a real wake-up call and made Scott look at his future in a different light.


A new path

Scott decided to follow one of his passions – going to the gym, and thought to himself, ‘It’s time to start my own business’, so he began a 6-week personal training course. 

This was no easy task. It meant huge changes and Scott went all in!

Scott sold everything he had, and still only had $2,000 or so in the bank. 

He stayed up late, got up early and outworked everyone else in his class. It became an obsession and he passed the course with flying colours.

Then the real work started. In his own words, he sucked to start with, not with the training part, but with the marketing and business part. He knew he needed help so he hired a mentor who taught him how to run Facebook ads, how to create no-brainer offers and how to run his personal training business.

He put it all into practice and the results and his business started to grow…but then came the next obstacle. 

Time was his enemy. Scott found himself burnt out like never before – up at 4 am, home at 10.30 pm. Even though he loved it, it started to take its toll.

He was forced to ask himself a tough question – “Is this what I really want, or am I just doing what everyone else is telling me to do in the industry?”

Another fresh start

Scott decided to create an online course and started making $4,000 in sales and before you knew it he was making $10,000 in sales and all off one phone call.

At the start of 2016, he followed his dreams of travelling the world, with a laptop and being a digital nomad. It all kicked off nicely with travels to Australia, Bali, Thailand, and the USA, bringing home a 6 figure income from his business.

Then he screwed it up by making one bad decision after another. His inexperience with money and business caught up with him.

He was moving too fast and bulldozing his way through and doing whatever it took.

Suddenly his life in 6 figures crashed to the ground. How could he bounce back again?

Asking for help

This is when Scott did what he always did, he humbled himself. He realised he needed help. This is when he started a truly life-changing step and looked for online business mentors and found a special one in Chris Duncan.

Working with Chris, helped Scott realise:

1 – He was doing things to prove himself to the world.

2 – He didn’t have the necessary skill sets he needed to sustain himself and the scale he was after.

This was when he learned that to be a successful entrepreneur, he had to know one of these three special skills:

1 – Sales.
2 – Marketing.
3 – Product Development.

He chose marketing, and went ALL IN again!

During the coaching process, he became good friends with Chris and became his marketing director. By joining forces, they drove the new business into 7-figures within the very first year.

Now, they’re business partners, and Scott runs the Digital Marketing School & Conscious Education. 

You now get to harness your own power, just like Scott did.

By building digital skills with a specialised course from the Digital Marketing School, you can learn how to create assets that sell, so you can make more money than you’ve ever thought possible and live in financial freedom.