It was a near death experience on the road more than 10 years ago, that was a real wake-up call for Scott. He felt like he was sleepwalking through life. 

After the shock of his terrible road accident and seeing the car wreck began to subside, Scott swore he would never again allow himself to be held down by limiting beliefs.

He said goodbye to making excuses like “That’s too good to be true,” or thinking “there must be a hidden catch”. That’s when he chose to pursue his dreams. 

Scott had been working as a carpenter, for a very minimal wage. While it was honest work, he knew he was never going to get ahead. He came to the realisation that life would keep passing him by, unless he chose to do things differently, and took action. 

A new path to freedom

Among the changes Scott made, one was to join the gym and start lifting weights. That got him away from his old life, and the friends that would always suck him back into the old life of partying hard and heavy drinking. Those people who were supposed to be friends, would only throw doubt on his dreams. 

He really took to the gym, and saw life as a personal trainer as a way to move up. He could pick the hours he wanted to work, be his own boss, and earn more. He quickly passed the test to become a PT. 

Then came his first big challenge. Scott didn’t have any experience in marketing to build his business and clients. He soon found himself getting up at four in the morning, and he would still be hustling until 11 at night. 

He did everything he could to try and drum up business but he realised he didn’t have any high income skills (not yet, anyway). Even though he was making $2,000 a month, and was his own boss, it still wasn’t giving him the freedom he wanted and saw others enjoying. 


A new path

Then Scott met someone who taught him about digital marketing, so he invested his time to develop this high income earning skill and he learned to create offers that people said yes to. 

It worked. He filled up his personal training schedule with lots of clients and was earning more money, but he was more time-poor than ever. The hustle had taken over his life. 

Even though Scott set his own schedule and was his own boss, he didn’t get to take advantage of any free time. He was too tired to enjoy it. 

That’s when he had another realisation. He was still just trading my time and hours for money. He had created another job for himself that paid better but made him work more and he was responsible for everything. 

Without a product or system, he would never be able to break free, and get ahead. He needed a special way to start a new business.


Building A Business That Matters

Scott met a mentor who asked “Why don’t you just do digital marketing for other personal trainers, and fill their businesses with customers? That’s what you’re good at.” 

That was a light bulb moment. This was an exciting way of knowing how to make money online.

Scott had been yearning to travel the world, and really experience life and new places. 

He could work from his laptop, anywhere with a good internet connection, all the while making more money and helping others that had struggled like he had. 

He went from making $6,000 to $8,000 a month as a personal trainer, to making $15,000 to $20,000 providing digital marketing services for others. 

Even better, he could do it in just a few hours a day.

Bigger and Better

Then Scott found himself back in Scotland and he got a call from someone he had seen on screen months earlier – an entrepreneur named Chris Duncan and decided they needed to meet. They did and immediately clicked. They had both built successful businesses outside of the traditional system. 

how to make money online

Scott had built up a digital marketing business to $250,000 a year, and was living the life of his dreams. Chris had already created several businesses, which were generating over $4M a year. 

They realised that they could combine their experience, and build something even bigger together.

Scott’s mentor suggested that they take that experience and achievements, and turn that into education to help others and empower them. 

Together, Scott and Chris co-founded Digital Marketing School to do just that. 

You can now save time looking for one of the world’s best schools for digital marketing. 

It’s right here and ready for you to take the next step.

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