digital marketing consultantScott was working as a carpenter for a very low wage and wondering how he was ever going to get ahead.

He decided to make some significant changes. But life doesn’t just click into place all the time.

He decided to break free from his old life, and the friends that would always suck him back into the old life of hard partying.

That first step was to join the gym, and start lifting weights. He loved it so much that he saw becoming a personal trainer as a way to move up. He quickly passed the test to become a PT but with no skills in marketing, he found himself getting up at four in the morning, and still hustling until 11 at night.

Then he realised he didn’t have any high income skills yet. He was making $2,000 a month, and was his own boss, but he didn’t have the freedom he really craved.

He met someone who taught him about digital marketing and worked with him to fill up his personal training schedule. The problem was he was just too busy. Yes, he had lots of clients. Yes, he was earning more money. But no, he was too tired to enjoy it.

The issue was that he was still just trading my time and hours for money. He had basically created another job for himself that paid a little better, but meant working more hours than ever before.

Scott could then see that without a product or system, he would never be able to break free and really get ahead.

Creating A Real Business For Yourself

Then he discovered another mentor who suggested “Why don’t you just do digital marketing for other personal trainers, and fill up their businesses with customers? That’s what you are good at.”

That was a light bulb moment. Suddenly, Scott’s dreams of being able to travel around the world, and really experience life and new places was possible.

This was a new way forward. Scott thought ‘Now I can start my own business and use digital marketing remote work to live the life I want.’

He could work from his laptop, anywhere with an internet connection, while making more money and helping others.

He made that leap and went from making $6,000 to $8,000 a month as a personal trainer, to making $15,000 to $20,000 providing digital marketing services for others.

Even better, he was able to do that in just a few hours a day.

He travelled and spent time in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US. He was making more than double the income and working a maximum of four hours. Having so much time left each day to actually experience life was a complete game changer.

A partnership that took things to a whole new level

Scott was watching a program one day and saw Chris Duncan, who really resonated with him. He sent Chris a message with just the feeling that ‘we should meet and do something together one day’.

Jump forward to Scott starting as CMO, and then moving to CEO for one of the businesses Chris had created. Scott helped grow that business from $40k a month, to becoming an eight figure business, while also growing his own business to over $500k per month in revenue.

Then that same mentor suggested that Scott and Chris take their experience and achievements, and turn that into helping others take the steps they both had taken to financial freedom.

That’s when Scott and Chris co-founded The Digital Marketing School to do just that.

This has become Scott’s life’s purpose. To help as many others to break free and to experience all that life has on offer.

That’s Scott’s story. Isn’t it time that you wrote the next chapter in your life?
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