how to make money onlineA remote 4-hour workday can open up a world of opportunities. To truly live life on your terms, this is the goal you should be setting.

Most people strive to become rich, but this aspiration can sometimes lead you down the wrong and even dangerous path. Instead, finding ways to make money that don’t consume all of your time and energy puts you on a better footing. 

PLUS, the lessons you’ll learn from this approach could actually set you up for even greater riches in the long run.

The key to a remote 4-hour workday lies in mastering the right skills. One such skill set is digital marketing. Here’s why:

You Can Do Digital Marketing Remotely

If you want a REMOTE 4-hour workday, you obviously need a skill that can be done remotely.

Digital marketing ticks that box.

It’s all about helping businesses flourish by harnessing the opportunities the online world offers. The internet is digital marketing’s natural environment; that’s where it’s designed to be used.

Everything you need to do as a digital marketer to help businesses thrive can be accomplished online. There’s no need to show up to the workplace every day.

Once you possess the skills and knowledge needed to deliver results, finding clients ready to work with you remotely will be easy. The industry is booming, the demand for talent is surging, and remote marketing positions have become the industry standard.

Digital Marketing Lets You Earn Based on the Value You Provide

If you’re stuck on an hourly wage, it would be almost impossible to earn a decent income working just four hours per day.

To truly prosper, you need to break free from this limitation and start earning based on the VALUE you provide instead of how much TIME you give. 

Digital marketing allows you to do this.

If you can help a company triple its sales, you will earn an amount that reflects that, regardless of how many hours you put in. The more you help them grow, the more you earn.

When you can prove to clients that you’ve done this in the past, they will happily agree to pay you on these terms.

Students who obtain a certificate in digital marketing from The Digital Marketing School typically set up monthly retainer agreements of between $1000 and $5000 with each client, managing 5 to 10 clients simultaneously.

You Can Scale and Automate Digital Marketing

Once you’ve mastered a few digital marketing strategies and implemented them successfully for clients, you can start to scale up with minimal additional time investment.

For example, a successful paid ads campaign can be easily expanded to reach more people or serve new clients without requiring loads more effort.

As a digital marketer, you can also use various tools and platforms to automate tasks such as copywriting, social media posting, email marketing, and more, freeing up your time to focus on the bigger picture.

Scalability is key to achieving a 4-hour workday, but unlike other occupations and industries, digital marketing makes that possible. 

Digital Marketing Enables Gives You a Flexible Work Schedule

Digital marketing isn’t just about working remotely; it’s also about working when you want to. This kind of flexibility goes hand in hand with a 4-hour workday.

Unlike traditional 9 to 5 jobs that have you stuck to a desk for fixed hours, as a digital marketer, you have the freedom to choose when, where, and how long you work.

You can fit digital marketing around your ideal lifestyle rather than compromising to satisfy job demands. There’s no more boss telling you what you can and can’t do.

Ready to start building digital skills to empower yourself?  Ready to become your own boss and achieve a remote 4-hour workday? 

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how to make money online