Most people are trapped in the cycle of trading their time for money. In fact, many folks earn an income this way their whole lives until they finally retire.

But to create a more automated income stream, you’ve got to break free from the limitations of an hourly wage and instead start making money based on the value you provide.

In this article, we show you how, as a digital marketer, you can whip up scalable ways of earning serious cash, allowing you to reclaim your time, achieve true financial independence, and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are our top tips for creating a more automated income stream through the magic of digital marketing.

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1. Ditch the Employee Mentality, Adopt an Entrepreneurial One

If you think like an employee, you’ll earn money like an employee: on an hourly wage basis with someone else always being your boss.

Whereas if you think like an entrepreneur, you open the door to greater flexibility, creativity, and control, allowing yourself to find ways to earn money based on providing value. This enables you to position yourself in a way that makes an automated income and financial freedom much more viable.

People tend to grow most in those particular areas where their attention is focused. So to generate a more automated income, you must be focused on things that make this achievable. And that requires you to ditch the employee mentality!

An entrepreneurial mindset alone isn’t enough. While it’s the first essential step needed on your path toward creating multiple automated income streams., you also need to back it up by learning the right skills and that means taking action.

2. Utilise the Right Tools and Platforms

Various tools and platforms are available that allow digital marketers to automate many of their daily tasks.

Are you running an email marketing campaign? You might have tools like MailChimp that allow you to build email lists and run targeted campaigns to engage subscribers in a more automated way.

How about social media marketing? Tools like Buffer allow you to automate social media posting, and platforms like Facebook and Google enable you to automate digital ads.

In almost every area a digital marketer covers, be it content creation, lead generation, sales processes, paid ads, and more, tools and platforms are available that allow you to make these steps more automatable.

It doesn’t only come down to the tools you use. You can also design the marketing services you offer in ways to make them more scalable, which leads us to the next point which is crucial for long term growth.

3. Create Scalable Systems

To create a more automatable income stream as a digital marketer, you also need to learn to package the skills you offer into easily leverageable systems that allow you to streamline your operations and dramatically increase productivity.

The most proficient digital marketers, like those here at the Digital Marketing School, have developed what we call “copy and paste” systems. That means that you can have effective processes and services so repeatable that they require very few tweaks and edits before being delivered or executed for clients.

Using more automatable strategies like these allows digital marketers to onboard multiple high-paying clients and run all their campaigns simultaneously while retaining more free time than a 9-to-5 job could ever offer. 

In fact, many students at the Digital Marketing School have 5–10 clients on their roster, each paying between $1,000 and $5,000 per month for their in-demand digital marketing services! This is only possible due to the automatable systems they have in place.

Want to learn more about the automatable “copy and paste” systems we’ve developed? Download our 100% FREE guide here. 


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