If you’ve ever thought, “I’d like to start my own business,” and have been immediately intimidated or even terrified of leaving your traditional 9-to-5 job, same routine, and weekly paycheck — you’ll know exactly how much of a conflict it is to have an employee mentality while wanting to be an entrepreneur.
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To be successful as an entrepreneur, you will need to set your own work hours, choose your clients, and even decide how much money you want to make (we call all this ‘reaching your personal power’). Basically, you’ve got to ditch that 9-to-5 mentality. And believe us, it’s not as easy as it sounds, unless you know where to go.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. 

We’re The Digital Marketing School, a special company dedicated to helping people like you learn how to let go of the employee mentality and step into an entrepreneurial orientation. We do this via helpful and innovative programs, expert guidance and a wise community of like-minded souls who give support for entrepreneurial success. 

If you’re ready to change your mindset so you can take charge of your financial future, then this is the guide for you. Learn how to let go of the employee mentality and step into an entrepreneurial orientation. 

Acknowledge How Limiting Being An Employee Is

The first step in change is acceptance, right? How about acknowledging just how limiting being an employee is? For example, consider the following: 

  • Your employer has an income cap for you, no matter how hard you work
  • Your employer can fire you almost whenever they wish, leaving you jobless 
  • Your employer can change your work hours, shift times, etc
  • Your employer basically ‘owns’ you for a third of your day 
  • Your employer is not always loyal to you but expects your full loyalty in return

This might sound harsh but it’s true. Being an employee is perhaps the most limiting thing you can do in your life. If you want to break free from the employee mentality, we can help you get started. Get a certificate in digital marketing and learn new ways to infiltrate the entrepreneurial world. 

You’ll discover that digital marketing goes beyond the classic digital approach to sales and marketing, way beyond! 

You’ll learn new skills that will help you build extra income and hopefully break out of the 9-to-5 grind. You’ll learn how to turn a work day into a four-hour stretch, entertain your personal strategy for success, and learn the tips and tools required to be a successful entrepreneur — all from the comfort of your own home. 

Best of all, you’ll get our team of entrepreneurial experts assisting you every step of the way. 

Acknowledge Your Personal Power 

Remember that when you work for someone else, they determine how much money you make, how often and when you work, and what tasks you do for a living. That’s giving so much of your personal power away. DMS knows you’re worth more than what your employer throws your way. 

What if you acknowledge your personal power? 

What does this even mean? As you explore your digital marketing certification course, you’ll learn just what this means, but here’s a sneak peek: 

  • Choosing your approach to digital marketing 
  • Choosing when and how you work (and even where)
  • Choosing how much money you want to make (and having no income cap)
  • Choosing your days off, holidays, work time, and more and consulting with just YOU 
  • Choosing to take control of your financial future with high income skills 

That’s a great deal of power that you can use to create the life you love. 

Are You Excited?

Are you motivated to get going? Are you buzzing to explore your entrepreneurial side? Super! We’ll help you get started, and it’s all made easy for you.

Explore our free guide at the Digital Marketing School today and we’ll see you on the inside.

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