high income skillsIf you want to overcome the challenges to live your ideal life then there are a few things you need to know.

First off, it’s not as simple as clicking your fingers and wishing things were different. You will need to do some work and that’s where we can help.

It’s important to know that there are four phases you will have to work through in order to be able to start living your ideal life. 

The truth is that you have new things to learn and new skills to discover. This means investing time and effort in building the business and life you really want. The change you will make is incredibly worth it. This is a life-empowering exercise.

The alternative is being stuck in a grind, working hard for someone else and making them rich, but living a poor version of the life you would love. 

The First Battle: Developing High Income Skills

A true High Income Skill is NOT increasing what you can trade your hours with for a paycheck. Even becoming a doctor or lawyer and earning $1,000 an hour is not going to deliver on the life you really want. 

You need to develop the skills that will deliver on all your financial needs in just four hours a day and no more than that. Putting yourself in that entrepreneurial mindset and knowing high income skills like digital marketing is the path to being a true business owner. 

Don’t just waste time wondering, ‘Should I start my own business?’. Be honest with how much you really want your dream life and work out how much you’ll need to earn to live it.

The Second Battle: Producing Your Own Income

Once you’ve built the skills, then you can start using them to produce your own income. It pays to box up your skills as a product or package that you can effectively promote and sell again and again. This is Big Picture – Business Owner thinking.

With digital marketing, you’re able to get out there and find other business owners to help. The good news is that they are hungry for help, already have a budget for your services, and can’t survive without someone handling their digital marketing. 

You might start off with very modest pricing as you build your brand, systems, and reputation by charging small business clients anywhere from $1,000, to $2,000, to $5,000 or more a month. Getting those first 10 customers might be a battle but once they’re secured, that’s $10,000, $20,000, or $50,000 plus each month coming in. You’ve started your journey to financial freedom. 

Battle Number 3: Consciously Designing The Freedom You Want

To be living the life you really want, you have to be intentional and focused.

It’s about breaking out of the default mindset and actively pursuing your dream. This might be a bit of a battle to get your head around, but without intentionally designing and creating the framework for what you want, you will be sucked back into the system and get distracted, sidetracked and lose your way.

The Fourth Battle: Creating Your Life Story & Living Your Purpose

The fourth phase in overcoming the challenges to living your dream life is where you step up into living the amazing life that you’ve designed, and are able to not only live out your ultimate purpose and potential, but create a powerful legacy as well. 

It begins with enjoying the financial security and confidence you have created for yourself. You are working just a few hours, and having all of this abundance of time and freedom, and the luxuries you dreamed of.

The final battle is to feel worthy of it and not sabotage it with self-doubt. 

You have a great chance to wake up each day living a life you love. The best news is that you have the best of help to make it happen.

Your chance to really live

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