digital marketing work from homeIf you’ve been stuck in the 9-to-5 grind for years, imagining a life beyond that can be challenging. You forget that things can be different, that not everyone has to commute daily, stay tied to a workplace, and slog through 40 hours weekly to make ends meet.

Today, there’s a special group of people who have discovered how to make a comfortable living on just half of those hours per week while enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Here is proof that a remote 4-hour workday as a digital marketer is entirely achievable. The best part is that you can use these special tips to make it happen.

Why a Remote 4-Hour Workday Is Possible

It helps to break this down into two categories—working remotely and a 4-hour workday—and examine why both are achievable as a digital marketer.

Working Remotely

As a digital marketer, you aren’t tied to an office like in traditional jobs. All your tasks can be done online, such as running digital advertisements, social media campaigns, content creation, and email marketing. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become the norm for more and more companies to hire remote digital marketers. Plus, with the current skyrocketing demand for digital marketing expertise and talent shortage, there are plenty of opportunities!

Not only that, digital marketing usually involves reaching a global audience, so having flexibility in your working hours and location can be an advantage.

With just your laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world as a digital marketer!

4-Hour Workday

Just as you don’t have to commute to an office as a digital marketer, you also don’t have to clock in your hours with a supervisor. Digital marketing is results-oriented; it’s about generating more traffic, leads, and sales. These are the only metrics that matter. 

Your clients won’t be concerned with how many hours you work as long as you deliver results and help them grow. Similarly, you won’t be paid an hourly rate but rather an amount relative to the VALUE you provide, which allows you to earn more while working less. 

Digital marketing is also scalable, allowing you to work with multiple clients simultaneously without excessive effort. All you need is the right high-income skills, proven strategies, and replicable systems, and you can enjoy a 4-hour workday while working remotely.

Tips for Achieving a Remote 4-Hour Workday

If you’d like to achieve a 4-hour workday through digital marketing remote work, here are four quick tips to help you achieve it: 

  1. Learn High-Income Skills: Acquire the skills that will make you immensely valuable to companies, such as lead generation techniques, driving sales, creating effective digital ads, managing social media campaigns, and copywriting.
  2. Ditch the Employee Mentality: Making the switch from earning based on the time you work (hourly wage mindset) to earning based on the VALUE you provide is essential. Don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back!
  3. Find a Mentor: The best way to fast-track success is to learn from those who have already achieved a remote 4-hour workday. At The Digital Marketing School, we have taught hundreds of students the high-income skills and strategies they need to ditch the 9-to-5 grind for a life of freedom. 
  4. Get Started: There’s no substitute for taking action! You are ultimately responsible for your own life circumstances, but if you take the right steps and pursue the right goals, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “What work can I do from home?” and you can see that digital marketing is the best option), start your journey today by downloading our FREE guide.

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