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Jason Cooke

Imagine having a solid job in the construction industry and then getting the news that you were suddenly no longer needed.

That’s exactly what happened to Aaron Christensen and Jason Cooke.

With the stress and uncertainty that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, Aaron and Jason were laid off when the construction industry started to take a serious hit.

Rather than sit and moan about things, they decided to start a marketing agency to help tradies survive through those tough times.

At a certain point, they found themselves stuck in a classic famine and feast revenue cycle. One month would bring in $4,000, where the next was suddenly $12,000.

It was a very inconsistent and unreliable financial situation to be in that made it difficult to plan ahead and brought a great deal of unnecessary and unwanted stress.

digital marketing consultant

Aaron Christensen

It wasn’t easy – it hardly ever is – but they persisted despite the many issues that they faced.

A journey to success

Aaron and Jason had never looked at digital marketing before and had no idea about what was involved. In their own words, they were ‘going in blind’ but having the trusted Digital Marketing School platform and the ability to work out what was best for them was a huge advantage. 

They took a leap of faith and tried to speak to every business owner they could and they were able to find their special niche. One client was able to bring in an incredible $230,000 revenue in just a matter of months which showed just how effective they could be for their clients.

Fast forward to months later…

They were earning $18,000 to $25,000 per month consistently with ease. The best thing is that they are able to grow this amount through the trusted system The Digital Marketing School certification helped them install.

Aaron and Jason’s advice to others who want to take their road to a brighter financial future through The Digital Marketing School avenue is to keep at it because “it will click”. 

The beauty of their journey is that it is just one in hundreds of success stories from graduates who learn these highly effective, high-income skills through one of the specially designed courses. That’s the difference you get with The Digital Marketing School and its supportive community. 

Hear more about Aaron and Jason’s success story here.

Where do you begin your path to financial freedom?

The first thing you need to do is make a conscious decision to reclaim your personal power and live life on your own terms.

That dream of being able to work less but earn more and have time to spend doing what you love or with your family and friends can be a reality. 

You just have to shake off the old and limiting mindset of working for a wage and being paid for your time. It is all about being paid for what you offer and not how many hours you work which makes a huge difference. 

It’s a truly liberating experience and it’s one you won’t regret. 

The power is with you 

Ask yourself, ‘Is it time to make more of your life and pursue a life of self-empowerment?’. 

There is no need to second guess yourself or fall into the trap of making excuses anymore. 

The beauty of starting life as a digital marketer is that you don’t need any previous experience or need to have studied digital marketing or any other marketing before.

At The Digital Marketing School we can give you the skills that can take you places that you’ve only dreamed about and it’s all laid out in a program that works. All it takes is an honest and realistic approach to learn and you will see the rewards for yourself.

Of all the different ways there are of making money online in Australia, this is a proven path and our long and ever-growing list of graduates is a testament to that.

The new high-income skillset is all yours 

The difference you get by studying with The Digital Marketing School can be nothing short of life-changing. We help you build a skillset that allows you to create value in the world, in a way that your clients will be happy to pay you for.

When you make this shift of your focus, it doesn’t matter if you produce the value in 2 hours or 30 hours. The only thing that matters is the RESULT that you give people. 

Before you know it, you can be earning more while working less hours and all by having the skills to do your digital marketing from home or from anywhere else in the world!

That’s where the added advantages of having the right skillset come into the equation – 

  • you are in high demand for your skills 
  • there is no shortage of opportunities out there 
  • and you can work from wherever you want

All you need is your laptop and a reliable internet connection and you’re on your way.

Your digital marketing future

Just like Aaron and Jason who went from the world of construction and built a new career in digital marketing, you have the power to set yourself up for the future and start living the life you love.

There’s a range of quality courses available to you at The Digital Marketing School including;

The Bulletproof Marketerwhere you can access the best of this entry level education program that educates you on a non-traditional path that thousands of people are now using to become highly paid, bulletproof marketers.

The Digital Marketing School CertificationIn just 6 months you will have the power of a special skill set that allows you to dictate your own income and hours. It all means that you can say goodbye to the days of working for someone else and making them richer instead of you.

Digital Marketing School PrivateThis is the private version of the certification for those who are looking for a more intimate mentorship and hand-holding through the process of creating what is needed to enjoy total financial freedom.

It’s your time to take a positive step and that time is now. Get the skills to set your life heading in the right direction and download your FREE GUIDE today.

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