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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I’d love to start my own business and work the hours that I want, then here is a chance to make that happen.

With the right skills in remote marketing and how business building can work for you, that dream of doing something as streamlined and in demand is right in front of you. 

The specialised courses at The Digital Marketing School mean you can have a skill set that is powerful and liberating. You can enjoy the freedom of digital marketing, working from home and unlocking your financial freedom. 

Not sure if that’s possible in the real world? 

Then it’s time to meet one graduate who changed his life in more ways than he thought possible.


Introducing Alex

Alex was working himself to the bone as a chef. He was stressed out, and worn down and to add to the heavy load he was carrying, he had twins on the way.

He worried about how he was going to provide for his new family and about what type of Dad he would be. Alex hated the idea of being that absent father figure who misses out on his own children growing up just because he has to work such long and demanding hours.

Then something special happened in Alex’s life. 

He crossed paths with The Digital Marketing School.

Alex was sceptical at first, having tried and failed at other business models. It was only natural that he was hesitant to take up another venture that promised financial freedom. The difference with The Digital Marketing School was that it was specially designed with a structure and mentorship that gave Alex that chance to live his potential.

After learning the 4-Step blueprint, Alex was suddenly earning $25K per month. This was the first step in a new chapter of his life, and he was able to quit his exhausting job.


The continued success of Alex

It was barely a year later, and Alex was pulling in more than $40K a month in his digital marketing business. The incredible thing about this once-exhausted chef was that Alex only worked a 4-hour day. 

To add to his success, Alex was able to choose when he worked and enjoy the flexibility and freedom to look after his family. 

It still surprises him today to remember how stressed and worried he was about making the rent on the family apartment when he now has the ability to lease the place below as his work space.

It’s Alex’s ability to allocate the hours he wants to do his digital marketing whilst working from home, that means the most to him. The special step-by-step course he took has given him the confidence to deal with everything that life throws his way. 

All those unexpected expenses that would have been a major blow are now of no concern. Those costs and financial concerns just ‘feel like nothing’. 

Alex says he feels grateful and more confident than he’s ever been. In his own words, “Now, I just feel like I’m bulletproof”. He makes a thousand dollars a day and gets to spend a huge amount of time with his family.

It’s no wonder he tells everyone that for someone who was wondering how to start my own business, he’s found it nothing short of life-changing.


Earn more and work less

Imagine having the financial freedom Alex has. If you are ready to earn more income, while working fewer hours than a full-time job, then remote marketing is your chance.

The Digital Marketing School gives you the skills to make that next step.

Chances like this don’t come around just every day. It’s time to make a positive change and live the life you want, the way you want.  

Set yourself on a course for success and become a bullet-proof marketer today.

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