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Meet Benny

There are many ways to change your life. Only some will give you the financial freedom you really desire. Fewer still will give you the power to prosper for years to come.

This is where the special remote marketing course from the leading digital marketing school comes into the picture. 

With help from The Digital Marketing School, a sports coach that was almost down and out, then discovered the keys to a life as a successful business owner.

It was all about changing your outlook and finding the right tools to build a business within the life you’ve always wanted.

Benny is a great example of creating a success that has gone beyond his wildest expectations. 

It wasn’t always like this. 

From looking for change to making a change

In 2013, Benny found himself in a hole. He was a tennis coach who was broke.

He found himself overwhelmed with the stress of serious money issues. Then came a ‘lightbulb moment’. He actually found himself going through his couch to find loose coins so he could scrape up enough money to buy a can of baked beans at the shops.

This was when he knew that something had to change.

His first step was to take the typical and expected path that most people choose. This is when you go to University and go through years of study. In Benny’s case, he went on to learn commerce and marketing.

Instead of being elated or being supercharged, Benny came to the realisation that everything he learned was all about what the industry expected. He was taught nothing about earning big money.

From Uni, he worked with different agencies to get some experience, but he still wanted more.

This is when he began thinking to himself – Is it time to start my own business?

Soon after, Benny was able to apply the Remote 4-Hour Workday Methodology and used the timeless skill to start his own successful business.

He went from strength to strength by creating Adwaves, an advertising enterprise that literally made waves in the ad industry. He enjoyed the benefits of growth, with his biggest month clocking in at $300,000.

Then he decided to sell it and exited the business, but not before banking a cool $1 million.

The strength of the Remote 4-Hour Workday Methodology

Just like Benny, you might come to the realisation that your stressful job, or self-employed venture isn’t making you financially free. Some people don’t realise that working like that is actually costing you your precious time and life. 

You need a new way of getting ahead. You need a new vehicle that is easy, lucrative and can be rewarding and fun.

At The Digital Marketing School, we show our students how to work a remote 4-hour workday by becoming a highly paid location-free Digital Marketer. 

This can be a monumental shift. It can be one where you find yourself in a position to be able to fire your boss and start calling the shots in your life. That’s a control that many think is beyond their reach when, in fact, it’s literally at your fingertips.

An easy way to work toward your 4-hour workday

It may sound like a dream to live your life with true financial freedom, but it can be a reality.

There is one simple strategy the growing list of former students of The Digital Marketing School have learned that gets real results.

The beauty is that anyone can learn this invaluable skill. 

The power lies in the fact that once anyone learns this skill, they can be working with clients for just 4 hours a day, with all the work being done remotely as a Digital Marketer.

That means working from anywhere in the world and at the hours that suit you and your lifestyle. 

That’s not just financial freedom, that’s total freedom. 

If you’re ready to make the change, then be like Benny and thousands of others success stories and Register for our 4 Week Sprint today!