Many people come to a crossroad in their life where they need to make a choice about their future or stay stuck on the same road forever.

Sometimes that choice is one we make ourselves or it is made for us by a series of events. 

You may already have experienced this for yourself or know it from someone close to you. Sometimes that change of road can be the most rewarding and one that takes that person to new and unexpected heights. 

Here is one case of where someone went from their highly paid corporate career to no job and then became a business owner who only works 4-hour workdays. 

Meet Georgia

Georgia had 15 solid years as a Marketer behind her, working with some of the largest brands – well known ones that you would find at your supermarket. 

It was after coming back from maternity leave after each of her four children that she realised the strain of long working hours, the travel and ‘go, go, go’ nature of the work (that she once loved as a single person in her 20’s) became the things she now hated. 

She was actually fired from her corporate marketing job in one of the harshest times – right during the COVID pandemic. She took the leap into learning all about digital marketing and particularly the How of it all because that was the part of the puzzle that she was missing.

The best part was that she was able to take one of the strongest advantages of The Digital Marketing School courses and that is that you can earn while you learn.

Fast forward just 3 months – and she was now making $18,000 to $25,000 a month, working just four hours a day from home. 

Was that life-changing? Absolutely!

She was now able to build her income AND spend more precious time with her young children and the family puppy.

Imagine earning the same high salary that you might be on but by working way less hours? That’s exactly what Georgia was able to achieve with help from the experts and the community strength of The Digital Marketing School

She even surprised herself at how quickly she was able to turn her life around and return to being the chief breadwinner for her family without any of the downsides that came with her corporate role. 

Wouldn’t you rather be working from home or wherever you want to while reaping the benefits of having high-income skills?

It’s all made possible by making the right choices and breaking free of the employee mindset that limits the majority of people. 

This is when you might be worried that you don’t have any of Georgia’s career experience or marketing background. The good news is that you don’t need that.
Learn more about Georgia’s experience with The Digital Marketing School here

The Advantage of a Specialised Course

The best thing about having a specially designed course that is backed by experts who live their role every day is that you can be on the path to financial freedom. It’s made possible by giving you the most empowering tools and the right skillset. 

That’s what you learn every step of the way and you can be earning more than you thought possible through digital marketing work from home.

With a level of commitment and the right focus, you can make the change to becoming your own boss. 

No more answering to others. No more being at the mercy of their demands.

It’s your chance to break free of the employee trap of being paid for the hours you work and not the quality of the work you produce. 

Ready to make a fresh start like Georgia did and find yourself living the life you love? Then start your course with The Digital Marketing School and start enjoying better days.

You can download the special Free Guide today and make more of your tomorrows.

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