A Manifesto For Everyday People That Desire To Fire Their Boss & Call Their Own Shots

Our mission is to empower people with the #1 money making skill on the planet so they can reclaim their personal power and live life on their own terms.

Written by Scott Weddell – CEO of Digital Marketing School

We want to create 10,000 new Digital Marketers that go onto serve at least 10 small to medium sized businesses each.

This is how we will impact 100,000 businesses worldwide, and tens of millions of lives.

But we can’t do it alone!

We need people like you to step into their personal power and create a life beyond the employee trap that many people get stuck in.

So, What Is Personal Power & Why Is It Important To You?

We believe that the greatest masterpiece you will ever create is your own life. However, most people are lacking the personal power to create life the way they want it because they’re stuck in the system.

Leaving them frustrated, lost and accepting a life of mediocrity, because they believe that, “this is just how it is”.

In truth, they’re victims to their own circumstances and can’t find a way out to live the life they dream off.

This is the opposite of POWER.

When I say power, I am not referring to having power over others, or being in a position of power.

Here’s the real meaning of power…

So, with taking the real meaning of power and applying it to you personally.

It is your ability to create your life the way you want it, and having a positive influence on people in the world.

Sadly, most people are not doing this and they’re simply following in the footsteps of the people that came before them.

  • Their parents or caretakers.
  • Their teachers.
  • Their other family members.
  • The hidden rules in the family.

You get the point!

We are here to change that, and after working with tens of thousands of people across all of our companies, we have realised that there are 4 “battles” someone needs to win to reclaim their personal power and create life the way they want it.

  • Battle 1 – Developing High Income Skills
  • Battle 2 – Producing Your Own Income
  • Battle 3 – Consciously Designing The Freedom You Want
  • Battle 4 – Creating Your Life’s Story & Living Your Purpose

Let’s break these down…

Battle 1 – Developing High Income Skills

The first step is always the hardest step, so when you have the courage to take this step, you will create loads of momentum for your future.

At this stage, you need to make the shift from trading time for money to trading value for money so you can put in less time, and make more than a full time job.

Usually, your brain will not understand how this is possible because you’ve been programmed your whole life to believe that as an adult you go to school, then college, or university and end up in a job with some kinda salary.

You work 40 hours a week, and get paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

In other words, you trade time for a pay cheque.

Sound familiar?

We need to shift this structure and help you build a skillset that allows you to create value in the world, in a way that people will happily pay you for.

When you make this shift, it doesn’t matter if you produce the value in 2-hours, or 30-hours.

What matters is the RESULT that you give people.

So, in this battle, you must invest your TIME into building a skillset that can be leveraged in battle number 2.

Are you following this so far??

Good – let’s keep moving…


Battle 2 – Producing Your Own Income 

The second step comes when you’ve built some competence in your skillset, and you’re ready to start charging money for it.

At this stage, you’ve learned new empowering knowledge that’s life changing, and you’ve worked with some people for FREE to build up confidence.

From here, the big problem you have is that you’ve got nothing to SELL yet, so what we must do is package your skill set up into an offer that you can sell to a hungry market that will bite your hand off for the offer.

What we do at The Digital Marketing School is help our students serve business owners because they’re the hungriest market on the planet and will happily pay for new leads & sales opportunities in their business.

We start you off charging a small amount of money, which is around $1,000 to $2,000 per month for your services.

All you need to do at this stage is find 10 customers that will pay you between $1,000 to $2,000 per month so you can start earning between $10,000 to $20,000 per month.

You might not think this is possible (yet) so here’s some proof…

Can you see that this is possible now??

Good – let’s keep moving (we got more to get through).

Battle 3 – Consciously Designing The Freedom You Want

The third step is to consciously design the life that you want to live so that you build a business that gives you the freedom you want.

Everyone is different. 

We need to be specific here.

…do you want to work 4-hours per day and hang out with your family a lot?

…do you want to travel the world?

…do you want to work hard and build an empire?

…do you want to get your business to find a passion project?

…do you want to fulfill your bucket list?

What is it for you??

Once you’re clear on this, what we do from here is to take your skill set and turn it into a repeatable process that another human being can do for you.

At this stage, you’re already working with 10 clients, and have great experience so you’re ready to start creating what we call LEVERAGE.

Once we have chosen which part of your business you want to leverage, we can create simple documentation for others to follow.

From here, you hire real low-cost staff and get them to do work for you.

One of our students called Alex, makes $40,000 to $50,000 per month now, and works 3-4 hours per day.

He has 5 staff members helping him, and it only costs him $6,000 per month.

For a $6,000 a month investment from his business, he is literally buying back around 5 hours per day of his time, which is around 110 hours per month.

This is how he has consciously designed the level of FREEDOM he wants in his life.

In his spare time, which he used to be working as a stressed out chef, he now gets to hang out with his wife, and twins.

He feels like a great dad and the family man he always wants to be. 

How powerful is this???

Imagine being able to do this for yourself, rather than trading your time(AKA your life) for money??

Are you getting excited??

There’s one more “battle”.

Battle 4 – Creating Your Life’s Story & Living Your Purpose 

The fourth step is a powerful step because something magical happens inside of you when you create a level of freedom in your life that most don’t have.

There’s this internal nudge that comes from within you that wants others to experience the life you have.

This is why I am here writing this manifesto for you by the way 😎🤙

At this stage, it’s about getting really clear on what your life’s story is all about so you can leave your legacy behind.

Legacy is different for everyone.

Yours could be to just leave enough wealth behind for your family, or it could be huge and you want to change the world.

Again, this depends on the individual, however at this stage, you need to create a plan for your life, and live that with purpose every single day.

Honestly, there’s nothing more fulfilling than waking up everyday and doing what you actually love from your heart.

This is where I want every human being on the planet to operate from.

Trust me, the world would be a better place.

This is why we get people to follow our
Financial Freedom Fasttrack Model

Because to achieve this level of success, you need to have your income sorted out, and you can’t be stuck in scarcity.

Have a quick read of this model, if you haven’t yet…

The Phases
Life Questions
Why do I want to change my current reality?

What skills can I learn to become more valuable
How do I turn my skill set into a business?

How do I turn my skill set to scale my business?
Where do I reinvest my money to get my time back?

How do I create multiple streams of income?
What is meaningful to me in life?

How would I love to live everyday every single day?
Part-time or
Full-time &
Total Freedom
Income Skills
Having nothing to sell.
No time.
Knowing what to do with all your time and money.
Business Owner
+ Companies
Acquire high income skills through digital certifications.
Navigate through the two phases:

1 - Start Up
2 - Scale Up
Invest in your money in two places:

1 - Delegation
2 - New streams of income
Legacy Building

As you can see, the first thing you have got to focus on is building digital skills that create value in the world, so you can win your first battle and get ready to dictate your own income and life.

At The Digital Marketing School, we teach our students to become online digital marketers that help businesses generate leads online.

Basically, they become the connection between customers and businesses by placing digital ads on platforms like Meta, Google, YouTube or TikTok.

We teach out students the simplest path to replacing their full time income so they can work from their laptop.

This is the number one skill anybody can learn to create freedom.

It’s better than all the other options out there.

Opportunity 1 – MLM.

After 25+ years of combined experience of myself and my business partner Chris Duncan, we have seen our fair share of opportunities.

We have done MLM, and the one thing that we don’t like about it is that you are not in control of it.

The company has the power, not you!

As an example, we know someone who got to the top of one of these companies only to have his income taken away from him because the company folded.

This is NOT a real business, and therefore, the power is not in your hands.

People talk this business model up, but we don’t like it.

Can you see why???

Opportunity 2 – Amazon or Audible 

I personally know someone who’s had some success with Amazon as a business model, and the one thing he complained about was that Amazon has the power and can change stuff on you.

For example, if you’re making a great income, they have the power to take more of your income away from you.

He was so frustrated with it that he sold it to someone else to deal with.

Also, a lot of the strategies that are out there for selling books or audio books online in my opinion are totally inauthentic.

The guru’s teach you to create a fake pen name, and author books that you don’t write, then sell the information onto people.

There’s people out there with no qualifications or experience to be teaching a subject and their “fake pen name” is an “author” in the subject.

I personally think this is completely inauthentic and I completely disagree with this model.

It’s not good.

Can you see why???

Opportunity 3 – E-Commerce Stores.

The big problem with this opportunity is the LOW profit margins and having to rely on other distribution companies to deliver your products on time.

The reputation of your brand is in the hands of a distributor, unless you own the distribution which for most people is not a viable option because it costs way too much to set up.

This is a stressful model!!

Don’t get sucked into the ads you see with people saying they’re making loads of cash.

Here’s a Screenshot from Google & Shopify

So when you see someone saying there’s making $100,000 per month, they’re actually making $10,000.

It’s all smoke and mirrors!!!

Do you know how hard that person had to work to make $100,000????

VERY HARD (trust me).

In my opinion, I don’t like this model for people starting out because there’s a much faster path to making $10,000 a month with way less stress.

Does that make sense???

Opportunity 4 – Property Investing or Sourcing or Rent to Rent.

Property investing is a great way to create long term wealth however you need to be earning good money to be able to maximise this.

Here’s the average $$ you make from renting:

Not very exciting —– right?

Yes you own the asset and that’s positive but you are only getting $100 per month in cash flow.

This is not a good choice if you are looking for a way to quit your job, and earn money now.

There are other opportunities inside Property like Sourcing or Rent to Rent.

With sourcing, your job is to research the market for deals, and sell them into investors.

The problem with this model is that there’s no recurring revenue involved in it, and it’s very tied to your time.

With rent to rent, this model is where you rent a property from a landlord, then rent out each room to other individuals and you keep the profits.

The problem with this is that there’s not a great risk / reward ratio. You risk having to pay the rent yourself, or parts of it for around $500 a month upside.

It’s a terrible model with loads of build in stress that nobody talks about.

In my opinion, there’s way better models out there than starting with property.

Can you see that?? 


Opportunity 5 – Crypto / NFT’s

The digital currency revolution is a real thing, but it’s new, volatile and there’s a lot of scammers out there taking advantage of people.

For beginners, this is a huge risk.

Right now it’s way too volatile and risky to be involved in this world.

Look at how much money has been stolen…

If you love Crypto, great, but don’t make it your main thing.

You’re best to focus on making a big income, then buying up some Bitcoin & Ethereum to hold for the long term, on a safe well known exchange.

Stay away from this until you’ve got your income sorted.

Does that make sense?

Opportunity 6 – Stock Picking or Investing.

Lastly, there’s the Stock Picking world or dollar cost averaging into index funds to create wealth.

This is a great strategy but you need to have a high income first to make this effective.

Yes you can day trade the stock markets to make money but look at the odds against you…

90% of them fail!!!

How crazy is that??

Even if you ended up being in the 10% … a good trader will make between 2-10% per month, meaning on a good month, you’d need $100,000 to trade with to make $10,000.

So, it’s a lot of cash to put out up front for a beginner looking to make money now.

So, Why Digital Marketing?

The reason this is the best model for a beginner is because it’s the safest and fastest way to replace your full-time income without risk.

We’ve had people come into our school and 3-months later they’re earning $30,000 per month, and never have to go back to their job again.

How good is that??

You must align your actions with the result you want to create, rather than reacting to what others are telling you to do.

Most people just want to earn enough to quit their job, then find themselves away investing in crypto only to be upset with losing money.

Here’s some more perspective on why marketing is the best skill to start with.

I remember listening to a podcast from a super successful property developer in the UK that’s worth around $20,000,000 …

He said, “I am a marketing company in disguise”.

If someone is worth over $20 million, it’s fair to say that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to business, right??

You see, this skill makes the world go round … it’s the ONE SKILL that rules them all.

If you want FREEDOM – you need to learn this, so you may as well start now.

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