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Here’s Some of Our Student Stories


A Former Student Makes $30,000 a Month In in 90-Days, Then Explodes to $650,000 Cash Received Inside The First 6-Months

Because of James’ success, we partnered with him so he could be the head mentor inside the school.

It wasn’t always this way from him.

He’s a country kid, who had a tough childhood and was trying his hand at many things to make it.


He was doing coaching, MLM, & anything that could make him a quick buck so he never had to work again.

This led to failure after failure, only to leave him feeling like he should quit. This is when he met Scott, Chris & The Digital Marketing School team.


In 90-days, he had a simple digital marketing business that he could be proud of. He had created $30,000 a month in revenue.

How good is that?


Then he became an affiliate to sell our certification. He managed to create $650,000 in 6-months (yes, that’s cash in his bank).

Here’s Proof…

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An Everyday Person That Was Working 60 Hours A Week Managed To Earn His Old 12-Month Salary In 3-Months.

Alex now earns $40,000+ every month, working 4-hours per day. Because of this he gets to hang out with his family an awful lot, which was his dream.


It wasn’t always this way for him.


He was working as a stressed-out chef, with twins on the way. He was very worried about what type of dad he would be if he couldn’t find a way to provide more for this family.


His failure at trying other business models left him feeling sceptical.

This is when he met The Digital Marketing School. After learning our 4-step blueprint, he started to earn $25,000 per month, which allowed him to quit his job.


Fast Forward 12-months, he earns $40,000 per month in his business, and works only 4-hours per day.

 Here’s Proof.

Still Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Alex

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High-Paid Corporate Employee Gets Sacked Because of The Global Pandemic. Then Bounces Back With A New $18,000 to $25,000 a Month Business

Georgia now works from home, looks after her new puppy, her kids and earns more than her high paid job in Corporate.

She has freedom!

It wasn’t always like this.

She was working long hours in the corporate world. Fighting against all the “politics” that come with being a woman in this world.

The money was good … but she had no freedom at all, and loads of stress.

Fast forward to now.

She is making $18,000 to $25,000 per month, working 4-hours per day. Because she is a mum, and a dog mum that has family as her top value.

How good is that??

Same money as her job, with less hours and more of a life.

Here’s Proof…

Still Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Georgia

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A Traditional Business Owner With High Stress Transforms Into An Online Business Owner With More Profits & Time.

Kieran has an online business that makes more profit than his other business. He actually makes less revenue with more profits.

How good is that?

His new business is less stressful, and allows him to work from home.

It wasn’t always like this.


While Kieran was working with us, he was close to bankruptcy. Because of the stress of his traditional business.

Luckily, he found us and created a $15,000 to $25,000 a month business that is way less stressful.

He managed to build this on the “side” while still dealing with the stress of his other business.

Now he has freedom to choose.

Here’s Proof…

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Struggling Agency Owners Finally Breakthrough To Stability In Their Business After Years of Struggle

Aaron & Jason got laid off in the construction industry inside the Global Pandemic.

They started a marketing agency to help tradies survive through those tough times.


It was hard for them.


They were stuck in the feast & famine revenue cycle. One month was $4,000. The next was $12,000.

It was so inconsistent. Which means loads of stress.


Fast forward to now …


They’re earning $18,000 to $25,000 per month consistently with ease. This will grow through the predictable system our certification helped them install.

Here’s Proof…

Still Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Them

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Single Mum Quits Her Job & Explodes To $11,000 Per Month Inside 8-Weeks

Candacy came to us with a dream of working from home so she could be there for her son more.

She was stuck working 40+ hours per week, feeling overworked and underpaid.


The feeling of failure was pulling on her every single day.

One day, enough was enough!

She found us online and went all in on being a Digital Marketer.


8-weeks later, she found herself with $11,000 a month, so she handed in her notice and completed her dream.

This is how fast you can transform your life with relentless action.

How cool is that??

Here’s Proof…

This makes us smile ❤️

Still Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Candacy

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Lion Keeper Working 60-Hour Weeks Replaces His Full Time Income Working Less Hours

Matty worked as a zoo keeper for 15-years, working 60 hour weeks. His passion for animals slowly turned into personal burnout.

He started to hate this job.


After 2-months of implementing our certification, he had replaced his full time income and now has the freedom to manage his own schedule.


This is the transformation we love to give our students.

Here’s Proof…

Still Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Matty

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A Passionate Mother Turns Her Business Idea Into Profits During The Global Pandemic.

Christina’s job was at risk during the global pandemic. She was stressed and not sure what to do next.

She had a business idea that she wanted to do for a long time.


But fear held her back.


After meeting us, and learning Digital Marketing, she was able to launch this business idea in 4-weeks.

She collected $18,000.


3-Month later, she had collected so much money that she bought a new card outright.

How good is that??

Here’s Proof…

Still Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Christina

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Former Salesman Quits The Hustle & Creates A More Automated Income Stream Through Marketing

Phil is the fastest to make money inside this course.

Within 5-days, he had $4,500 in recurring revenue coming in so he could convert all his bills.


This is what’s possible.


Because of this, Phil was able to move on from his hard working sales role, into a more chilled role that made him just as much money in less hours.

How good is that??

Here’s Proof…

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Agency Owner Lost Her Clients During COVID And Bounced Back to $15,000 A Month In 3-Months

Bodhi now works with 3 staff members, and earns $15,000 a month with way less work than her previous agency she had.

She has learned how to delegate more, and create leverage in her business.


It wasn’t always like this though.


She had a creative agency, and was working so hard. She felt like she was on the never ending treadmill.

Working really hard but not getting much benefits from it.


After working closely with us, she has learned a new way of looking at business and has created more leverage.

Freedom is her goal, and now she will actually be able to attain it.

How good is that??

Here’s Proof…

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From Business Failures to Digital Marketing Success

He has tried starting a lot of businesses but always failed. He found the Digital Marketing School and finally found the support that he has always wanted.

Now Craig is earning from multiple clients and is very fulfilled with helping gyms and dance studios with their marketing.

Craig is now living in Spain and can afford that lifestyle because he made a serious decision to become a Digital Marketer.

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From Struggling Single Parent to Successful Marketer: Achieving Financial Freedom and Family Time

A mother of three and a single parent who was struggling to make a better future for her kids. She wanted to become a marketer and her research led her to the Digital Marketing School.

Now, she’s earning 12k a month and she has gained her time back and be with her family. She is also a homeowner now and is celebrating life with her children.

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Plus Many More …

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