We Take You On The Same Journey As The Certification With More Training & Mentoring.

Here’s our model…

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What Makes This Different From The Certification?

This is an exclusive group of people who want to play a bigger game and know they need extra support to get there.

Is that you?

Do you want someone to hold your hand?

Do you want more intimate support?

Do you want extra mentoring?

This is for people who lose motivation, and need some extra accountability.

It’s time to stop putting things off and get some extra accountability to create a new reality for yourself.

Are you ready for extra accountability?

If you struggle with:

  • EProcrastination.
  • ESelf- Motivation.
  • EThe Advanced Sales Certification.

You need this extra support and accountability.

We hold your hand through the certification and drive you to get results. If you are the type of person who loves more intimacy, this is for you.

Here’s What You Get

Accountability Monday's

This is a weekly education accountability call with our CMO so you stay accountable to moving through the course and gaining the vital knowledge to succeed.

Pitch Coaching Thursday's

This is a weekly sales coaching with James Wellington, a million dollar producer, so you can practice your pitch and make sales seamless.

Ad Coaching Tuesday's

Once you have launched your own ads, or have ads on for clients, you unlock access to a Paid Advertising Coaching session with our CMO, SO you can make decisions like someone who’s got 20+ years of experience.

Abundance Mindset Thursday's

This is a weekly mindset call with our Co-founder Chris Duncan, who’s a $20 million business owner and he will be teaching you about structure and keeping your mind in the right place.

What Our Students Say About Private

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