digital marketing consultantMost people give away their personal power without even being aware of it. How?

They lack control over their income and their work schedule. They answer to a boss who dictates their tasks. They’re obligated to show up at the office daily and have limited personal freedom. In their current circumstances, they are unable to create a life how they want it.

However, today, we will discuss how you can undo all this, reclaim your personal power, and start living the life you desire. 

By that, we mean multiplying your income 10X, total control over your time, and the freedom to work from anywhere. This will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones, travel the world, or pursue whatever it is you truly want to do on this planet.

Even if you don’t believe this is possible right now, that’s okay. You don’t actually need to believe it before you start; you just need to have the courage to take action.

Belief develops naturally as a result of taking action; it’s not necessary to possess it beforehand to reach success.

4 Battles You Must Win to Reclaim Personal Power

To regain personal power and shape your life according to your own terms, you must win four critical “battles.” We’ve identified these battles after working with thousands of individuals across our various businesses.

  • Battle 1: Developing High-Income Skills
  • Battle 2: Generating Your Own Income
  • Battle 3: Consciously Designing the Freedom You Want
  • Battle 4: Creating Your Life’s Story and Living Your Purpose

Let’s unpack these.

Battle 1: Building High-Income Skills.

Developing high-income skills is about enabling yourself to create an income in a way that isn’t tied directly to how many hours you work. 

In other words, it’s about escaping the employee hourly wage trap and switching to a more empowering model of earning based on the value you create in the world.

Digital marketing is the perfect example of a high-income skill because it is results-driven. The more leads, sales, or other benefits you can bring to your clients, the more you will get paid, regardless of how long it takes you.

Plus, digital marketing is inherently scalable and automatable, meaning you can grow your income while reducing your working hours.

This is why the first battle of investing your time into mastering high-income skills is so essential, as it lays the foundations that will allow you to take on battle 2.

Battle 2: Generating Your Own Income. 

Once you’ve built your skillset to become a digital marketing consultant, it’s time to take on battle 2: using these skills to generate your own income.

The challenge initially can be that, despite now having the skills, you don’t yet have lots of real-world experience or performance data you can show prospective clients.

But that’s okay; you just need to learn how to package your skills into an enticing offer that business owners will eagerly accept. You can even put out some free value in the marketplace to build your confidence and marketing portfolio if needed.

Before you know it, you’ll have your first clients, and the momentum will be in your favour. You can start off by charging what will seem like a small amount to businesses, around $1,000 to $2,000 per month for your services. 

At this stage, that’s all you need to charge because you can then focus on landing ten clients, and you’ll quickly be earning $10,000 to $20,000 a month.

With the right replicable digital marketing strategies, this is easily achievable.

Battle 3: Consciously Designing the Freedom You Want.

The third battle is about deciding what kind of life you want and then figuring out how to structure your business to make that possible.

Everybody is different, so it’s worth taking some time to really think about what your ideal scenario looks like.

…are you looking to travel and explore new places?

…do you want to work just a few hours a day so you can spend more time with your kids?

…is your plan to go all in and build as much wealth as possible?

…is your goal to fund and set up a charitable project?

…are you aiming for financial freedom and early retirement?

Once you have a clear vision, the next step is to systematise your skill set into easily repeatable processes that can be delegated for others to handle for you.

As you will already be managing around ten clients successfully at this stage, it’s the perfect time to start creating simple instructions for others to follow and then hiring lower-cost staff to do the work for you.

For instance, if you’re making $10,000 to $20,000 per month but working around 8 hours per day, you can hire two staff members for, say, around $2,000 per month, which will then allow you to reduce your hours to around 4-hours per day.

So, you’re effectively buying back half of your hours with only 10% – 20% of your profits, making it a pretty good deal! You can then use that spare time to pursue the freedom you want.

Sounds good, right? But we’re not finished yet; one more battle must be conquered.

Battle 4: Creating Your Life’s Story and Living Your Purpose.

The final battle is where the true magic happens. You’ve now reached a level of freedom that not many people experience, and you suddenly feel the urge to find ways to share it with others.

This step is about figuring out the legacy you wish to leave behind so you can wake up each morning with purpose and devote your time to something you believe with all your heart is important.

This is how you find true fulfilment. Whether it’s building enough wealth to support the next generation of your family or working on solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, there’s no right or wrong answer; it’s deeply personal to you.

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