digital marketing schoolA lot can change in six months; in fact, it’s actually enough time to set yourself up for life if you master the #1 skill on the planet.

Not fully convinced? 

Meet Alex, one of our students here at The Digital Marketing School.

Once an overworked chef clocking 50-hour weeks, he felt the heat in more ways than one. With twins on the way, he would lay awake at night worrying about how he would support his growing family, be there for his wife and kids, and handle the pressure of a demanding job while stepping into fatherhood.

Yet, just six months later, he had completely turned things around, working only 20 hours per week and earning between $25,000 and $40,000 per month. And most importantly, he could spend loads of time with his twins and feels like a great dad—because he is one!

So, what happened to make this transformation possible for Alex?

Well, simply put, he decided to make a shift. He quit his job as a chef, re-skilled, and became a highly paid, location-free digital marketer.

It goes to show how much can change in just six months.

But Alex isn’t alone in his journey. We’ve seen many of our students transform their lives for the better by mastering the #1 money-making skill on the planet: digital marketing.

And you can do it, too! Wondering how? Here’s how to get started.

The Vehicle You Need to Reclaim Your Personal Power

Most people want to live a life of freedom and prosperity, like Alex. I’m sure you do, too. It’s not that people don’t try hard to create a better life for themselves—they do. The problem is that they lack the right vehicle to take them there.

In order to reclaim your personal power, you need a vehicle—a means of generating money—that allows you to live the life you love. Most traditional jobs simply don’t offer that. Why? Because they usually involve:

  • An hourly wage that limits earning potential
  • A set working schedule that limits your free time
  • Having a boss and a physical workplace
  • Time-consuming, costly university degrees

The same goes for many business ventures, as they often come with substantial risks and limitations, such as:

  • Requiring large cash investments to fund the business
  • It might take years before you turn a profit
  • Running the business becomes stressful and eats up all of your time
  • There is a high chance of failure: many small businesses fail

But thankfully, there is a better option. Digital marketing offers the perfect mix of ingredients that make reclaiming your personal freedom and creating your ideal life possible.

As a digital marketer, you can be your own boss, earn based on the results you produce rather than the hours you work, achieve location independence by working remotely, scale and automate your services, get started without a university degree, and avoid the need to invest large sums.

Simply put, for those who have ever thought, “I want to start my own business,” digital marketing offers a quicker and safer alternative so you can replace your full-time income without risk.

Getting Started as a Digital Marketer

Picking the right vehicle is half the battle, but once you’ve made that commitment, there are four crucial steps to take to reclaim your personal power and create the life you want.

  • Step 1 – Building high-income skills
  • Step 2 – Creating your own income
  • Step 3 – Consciously design the life you want
  • Step 4 – Finding and living your purpose

We cover each of these in-depth in our six-month digital marketing certification course.

However, the truth is that setting yourself up for life doesn’t even have to take six months. 

We’ve had students enrol who, three months later, are making $30,000 a month and able to quit their jobs.

Want to be our next success story? Begin your journey with our 4 Week Sprint.