Did you know that you may be stuck in an employee trap and not even realise it? The corporate world doesn’t want you to understand the real way that money works, for one simple reason: it benefits them to have people just like you give away your time and loyalty to make THEM money. digital marketing certification

Signs You’re Employee Trapped

You’re here to learn how to gain entrepreneurial freedom, right? The first step (or pre-step, if you will) is to recognise that as an employee, you’re trapped in the first place. 

Don’t believe you’d fall into the employee trap?It will help if you answer a few questions: 

Who/What Do You Revolve Your Schedule Around? 

If the answer isn’t YOU, but rather, your place of employment or your boss in particular, you’re stuck in the employee trap. 

True financial freedom doesn’t lie in making enough money to buy whatever you want, it lies in being able to set your own hours and work when you want, where you want, and how you want.

How Variable Is Your Income Based on Your Efforts? 

If this question doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because you’re used to making money based on an hourly wage, and you get paid for the time you put in, not the value of what you put into your time. 

True entrepreneurial freedom is about getting paid based on your efforts and what you bring to the table. It can change daily based on opportunities that arise for you and the risks you take. 

How Much Growth Is Available for You in Your Job?

Have you been stuck in the same position and pay rate at your job for so long that you cannot remember your initial goals and dreams? Traditional 9 to 5 workloads can wear you down and make you lose sight of your personal power and the growth you should have based on your experience and skills. 

True entrepreneurial freedom is about growing every day and putting your high-income skill sets to the test to break the income ceiling in ways you never thought possible. 

Don’t limit yourself and start taking the shift from the employee trap to entrepreneurial freedom with these easy steps. 

Know Your Worth 

Here at the Digital Marketing School, we place a lot of value in our students. As you build your high-income skill set, you learn what your worth is. Your time is not the only thing you have to offer. You have your business and people skills, social media knowledge, followers, interests, and other things to offer. And if you don’t, we’ve got the training tools you need to get started. 

If you were to get your digital marketing certification, what would your worth be? In a word, it would be limitless. Now you can choose to know your worth by taking courses that will help you learn high-income skill sets and how to apply them in the real world for real benefits. 

Be Willing to Break Away 

It’s not always as easy as some people think to just walk away from a career you’ve known your whole adult life and start fresh, by working for yourself. An entrepreneurial mindset is one that can be taught, but a willing party has to be part of the process. 

Are you willing to break away from the so-called security of your 9 to 5 job? Are you willing to walk into the world of being able to set your own financial goals—that vary daily based on what you’re working towards—and let go of the mindset that you have to rely on someone else to determine your financial future? 

We understand that you might not be ready to break away on Day 1. However, the longer you stay in the employee trap, the more entrepreneurial opportunities will pass you by. 

Be Willing to Take Smart Risks 

If you aren’t willing to take any smart risks, you’re not likely to make it as an entrepreneur. At least, you won’t make it for long or you won’t get the same success as you might if you take more calculated efforts towards success. 

At the Digital Marketing School, you learn the following things as you work towards your digital marketing certification: Skills, Systems, and Scale: 


High-income skills teach you how to determine just how much money you want to make online. Our courses teach you how to develop the skills necessary to utilise opportunities in digital marketing that you would not have access to otherwise.


Systems make an entire project flow smoothly, and do the same for a business venture. You’ve got to create a system to get the maximum output with less effort and time, which we’ll teach you as part of your journey to getting your DM certification. 


As your business grows, you’ll learn how to scale progress appropriately. This way, you spend more time enjoying your financial freedom and less time in the office. In fact, you can work as little as 4 hours a day, from anywhere you want. 

A successful entrepreneurial business is one that operates flawlessly whether you are there or not. If you have scaled your online ventures successfully, you’ll be spending less time monitoring your online efforts and more time enjoying life. 

Our Goal for You

Our team of experts at the Digital Marketing School wants you to become a successful entrepreneur free of the employee trap. We know it can be hard to make a change, but we also know that you’ve got so much untapped personal power just dying to be set free. 

Becoming financially free doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting started is as easy as clicking a link. In fact, we make it super easy for you. Here’s our risk-free FREE guide you can download here

Once you’re ready to start making a better future for yourself, check out one of our in-depth digital marketing courses. Only you can decide when you’ll be financially free and how far you’ll go, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. All you have to do is believe that YOU can make money online and live the life you’ll love.

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