There is a special way to turn your career around when you feel stuck in a rut and that the keys to your life are in the hands of others.

When you are looking to take real control of what happens in your world and the financial side of things, then you need a proper plan to put in place.

There are specific steps to take in order to make that important change a successful and ongoing one.

The fundamental thing is that you are going to stop trading your time for money. That might sound like an almost impossible task, but there are 4 clear steps that you can take to make it work for you.  

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The Four A’s to give you the ways to begin a new life

You have the means to build a business that will give you total freedom and one where you can enjoy working a remote four hour work day. 

Let’s look at all 4 of these special steps one by one.

  1. Activate

The foundation of your new path to financial freedom is where you embark on the exciting journey of getting activated in becoming a marketing master with the right tools to help you along the way.

You can acquire the knowledge you need to navigate your way there, understand what you need to do as a digital marketer, and equip yourself to begin.  

The first step is to take action as soon as possible by signing up for an effective, high quality digital marketing course. Activate yourself by gaining some forward momentum and putting yourself on the right trajectory for lasting success. 


  1. Accelerate 

This is where you take your knowledge and newly acquired skills, and learn a powerful way of how to make money online. 

As a Marketing Consultant, you can take your new value proposition out into the real world and say goodbye to working for someone else and at their demands. This is where you accelerate your career and begin making serious money and secure clients that will keep paying you. 

When you are armed with your Digital Marketing certification, you have the confidence and know-how to connect with leads, and convert them into high paying clients. The best part is that it’s not a one-off position, these clients become ongoing ones.

This is a monumental moment where you realise that you should be generating at least $10,000 to $25,000 a month in income.

This is where you can streamline and speed up this step by learning and obtaining a proven system that already works for promoting, hooking clients, and delivering on their needs with a product that gives them value.

With your newly packaged skills, you can grow your number of clients, start generating six figures a year. This is where the world of digital marketing opens up a range of possibilities such as the ability to work from home, at hours that suit you and your schedule. 


  1. Assimilate

The third stage is when you bring together more skills to enhance your expertise, and you realise you have become a true specialist. 

You don’t need to reach this stage to be earning six figures a year as a digital marketer. You can offer more value by adding more knowledge, understanding and skills that will increase your income, and build your client base. 

Some of these skills can include:

  • Facebook Ads Certification
  • Google and YouTube Certification
  • Advanced Sales Certification
  • Email Marketing Certification


These certifications give you the means to broaden your offerings, boost your confidence and credibility. This allows you to increase what you can charge, and your income streams. 

It’s the perfect time to find and sign up for additional certification programs, then add them to your menu of services and products. 


  1. Ascend 

This is the final stage where you go beyond being a marketing master and become a seven figure earning digital marketing business owner. You can scale your role to enjoy total financial freedom, and a remote four hour work day, with a bulletproof income. 

With The Digital Marketing School to help you on your journey, you can leverage expert coaches and mentors to show you ways of rising even higher. 

The things you can do from here are limitless. It’s time to fulfil your true potential.

Take the first step to your better future and enrol today in the Bulletproof Marketing course or download the special Free Guide and live your new, fuller life.

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