how to create your own incomeThere are three proven pillars you must incorporate into your life to lay the foundations for financial success and personal freedom.

At the Digital Marketing School, we are proud to be able to help people achieve true financial prosperity and gain the freedom to live the life they have always wanted. 

We have successfully helped hundreds of our students accomplish these things by teaching them the special skills in how to make money online as remote digital marketing consultants.

A key part of the process for our students is installing the ‘3 Proven Pillars’ into their lives to lay the foundations for enduring success. They are:

  1. Skills
  2. Systems
  3. Scale

These three essential pillars are what empower our students to earn a monthly salary of over $10,000 while working only four hours or less per day from their laptops AND from anywhere in the world. Without integrating these pillars, achieving this would be almost impossible.

How does it all work? The answer is to take a close look at what these pillars entail and why they are so important as the keys to true personal and financial freedom. 

Pillar 1: SKILLS

The first step toward a life of freedom and prosperity is to arm yourself with high-income skills. ‘What are high-income skills?’ you may ask. These are skills that not only command premium rates in the marketplace, but are always in high demand.

Digital marketing is the perfect example of a high-income skill. It helps solve a major challenge that almost every business faces – attracting more leads and customers. This makes it extremely valuable and there is hardly any other role that is in such heavy demand.

At the DMS, we tell our students to visualise digital marketing as turning on the TAP for businesses, allowing the leads and sales to flow in, exploding their growth. In fact, our proprietary digital marketing system is called TAP, which stands for:

  • Target
  • Attract
  • Present

This time-tested system is what hundreds of our students have used to generate 6-figure businesses and begin a life of total freedom. That dream life of doing what you want, when you want is not a dream – it’s right at your fingertips.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make that step, then it’s time to enrol in one of our marketing courses online, or download our FREE GUIDE.

If you’re not convinced of digital marketing’s power, just think about this for a moment and let it sink in: 

If you can learn how to turn the tap on for a business, you’ll never have to worry about money EVER again. This is because you’ll have such a valuable skill set that is highly sought after by businesses everywhere.

It makes sense, right? If you can solve this crucial problem, there will be no shortage of businesses queuing up to work with you, and they will be willing to pay you handsomely for your specialised services.

This is what we mean by HIGH-INCOME SKILLS and why they are so important to possess.

Pillar 2: SYSTEMS

Once you have acquired the high-income skills needed to make yourself immensely valuable, the next step is building systems that allow you to operate like an efficient, well-oiled machine.

Systems are the backbone of any successful business; they allow you to streamline operations, offer consistency, and boost productivity and profitability.

The great advantage of digital marketing is that, with the right strategies, tools, and platforms, you can start to package your skills into easily leveraged systems that can be easily replicated and require minimal modification for reuse. 

For instance, you can create templates for digital ads that serve multiple clients simultaneously, needing only minor tweaks to customise them for each client.

This is when you really start to trade VALUE for money instead of your time, as your systems will allow you to onboard more clients with much less additional effort. This switch from time to value-based income generation is one of the major milestones in achieving financial and personal freedom.

Systems also lay the foundations for the final Proven Pillar, which is…

Pillar 3: SCALE

Here’s where things get really interesting, and a workday of just four hours (or even less) becomes more than possible.

Scaling is when you take your well-established systems and expand them to maximise your potential. This is done through a combination of outsourcing and automating tasks, allowing you to grow your digital marketing business way bigger than you ever could alone.

It’s about building a team of dedicated professionals who know how to run your proven systems and deliver for your clients, allowing you to step back and focus on the bigger picture.

Achieving scale gives you the freedom and flexibility to focus on things that matter most to you, as you’ll have the financial means and free time to do just that. Whether it’s spending more time with loved ones, travelling the world, or pursuing passions and hobbies, it all becomes possible when you scale successfully.

Scaling up offers the ultimate manifestation of success we all strive to achieve. It gives you the flexibility to live the life you’ve always wanted while feeling a sense of excitement, fulfilment, and control.

Your business now works for you—you are not working for your business!

Start Installing the 3 Proven Pillars Today

If you often think, “I would like to create my own business,” mastering the three Proven Pillars—Skills, Systems, and Scale—is the key to achieving that dream. They lay the groundwork for a truly prosperous future in the digital marketing world.

If you are ready to become a digital marketing consultant, the Digital Marketing School can help fast-track the process and ensure your success. Our specialist courses are designed to equip you with high-income skills, system development understanding, and scaling strategies that allow you to create a future of abundance and freedom. 

Drawing on over 25 years of marketing experience and success, we provide you with our expert knowledge and proven strategies in a condensed, quick-to-learn format.

It’s time to begin your journey by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts, and start learning how to create your own income online today.

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