digital marketing consultantOf all the so-called easy ways to make money online, there is one that stands out because of its ability to produce the goods and it’s one that has a rich and vibrant future too.

This is why it pays to learn special high-income skills and join the success of being part of the new breed of digital marketers. You can become one of the most sought after professionals across the world and give yourself the ticket to financial freedom. 

This is when you probably have a few questions about just how this works. 

  • Do all these marketers come from a marketing background?
  • Are all digital marketers successful?
  • Is there a better way to make money online?
  • How can someone learn the necessary skills to be a success? 

These are all great questions and they all make sense to ask. The only difference is that the answers will surprise you. There is no need for previous experience in marketing, only a commitment to learning the right skills. Then you will see how easy it is to make the switch to digital marketing and how life-changing it can be.

The myths around making money online

There are a number of ways to try and make money online, but some are more reliable than others and some are just worth avoiding altogether.

You see all sorts of ideas on how to grow your income in the digital space, such as;

  • e-Commerce.
  • Investing in the stock market and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Using YouTube, Instagram and other platforms.

With e-Commerce, you have a long list of things you need to do to set yourself up and to make enough profit to justify all the time it takes to manage your online store.

The figures can be deceiving when it comes to how much someone can and will actually make. 

For example, you might hear stories like someone making $100,000 a month (which is very tempting and definitely gets plenty of people’s attention). The problem is that this amount is very misleading because the actual profit is barely 10%. This means that this success story is really one about making $10,000 a month and that takes a great deal of time, energy and effort. 

It is a high stress model with heavy upfront costs and to top it off, your reputation is at the mercy of the distributor you use. 

Taking stock of the stock market investment

No matter what you may think or have been told, the stock market is a gamble. The key issue with investing in stocks is that you need to have a high income to start with and be able to afford to lose large amounts to make money.

Trading stocks may seem fairly straightforward but the odds are stacked against you. There are statistics which show that up to 90% of these investments fail. That’s not a hit rate worth gambling on.

An alternative investment option is to put money into Cryptocurrencies and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Unless you’ve got your income properly taken care of, then you are entering a highly volatile market and it is particularly challenging for beginners with significant risks.

More than $650 billion was lost in 2022, with the collapse of Terra/Luna and when Futures Exchange (FTX) went into bankruptcy.

To make things worse, nearly $4 billion of Crypto investors’ money was lost to hackers.

Online success is not so easy

With all the hype about making money online through YouTube, Instagram and a whole batch of other online platforms, you need to know the real story.

Forget the idea that you will be able to upload a video, watch it go viral and then suddenly have a million or more followers or subscribers. It doesn’t work that way and you already have millions of people trying to do just that (and failing).

With YouTube and your money-making efforts, the odds aren’t great. To even begin to earn money through YouTube, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months, or have 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public YouTube Shorts views within the last 90 days. You’re not done yet. 

Once you reach either of those special milestones, you still have to apply to YouTube’s Partner Program and be given approval to monetise your channel.

It’s a similar story with Instagram where if you want to earn $1,000 a month, you will need at least 10,000 followers.

Any success on YouTube, Instagram and other online platforms depends on the size of your audience, the engagement, your sales strategy, your credentials and how well you are trusted, plus you will need the most important factor of all… a truckload of luck.

It’s more like somehow picking a winning lottery ticket than any great skill. 

There’s a better way.

Why a course in digital marketing makes good business sense

One question you may have is ‘Why is digital marketing still growing?’. 

It makes sense when you think about the fact that nearly everything is done online these days and a business will succeed or fail almost entirely through its online performance. 

Without a digital marketing strategy and an ability to reach the right target audience effectively, a business will struggle.

This is precisely why digital marketing courses make you money. It helps the business grow its customer base, and as a digital marketer, you are in the enviable position of being in high demand.

The Digital Marketing School difference

Learning the high income skills that come with being a graduate of The Digital Marketing School, you are able to earn more by working less.

You have the chance to be living the life you’ve always wanted and to work the hours you want from wherever you want.

That’s true financial freedom and it all comes down to utilising the expertise of the trusted professionals at The Digital Marketing School.

You can read and hear from former students who were able to take control of their lives and their income to build a career that allows them to follow their dreams.

Making money to the point where you can ‘sack your boss’ while cutting your work hours is too good an opportunity to let slip by.

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