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Does Someone Else Dictate Your Income and Hours?

At The Digital Marketing School we help everyday people become financially free so they can do what they want, when they want and with whom they want. This is our FREE guide…

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The Certification

Your Life Needs A “New Vehicle” That Can Give You Freedom

Your stressful job, or self-employed venture isn’t making you financially free, it’s costing you your precious time (& life). You need a new vehicle that is easy, lucrative & fun.

We show our students how to work a remote 4-hour workday by becoming a highly paid location-free Digital Marketer. When you make this shift, you will be able to fire your boss & start calling your own shots in life.

Certifications, Community & Mentoring For Everyday People

Programs That Help You Become Financially Free …

The Bulletproof Marketer

This is our entry level education program that educated you on the non-traditional path that thousands of people are using to become highly paid bulletproof marketers.

The Digital Marketing School Certification

In just 6-months you will have a skillset that will allow you to dictate your own income and hours. You will never have to work for someone again in your life.

Digital Marketing School Private

This is the private version of the certification for people who want more intimate mentorship and hand holding through the process of creating total financial freedom.

The financial freedom fasttrack is the only way to shift from scarcity to complete financial & time freedom so you can do what you want, when you want and with whom you want.

Download our FFF playbook and learn about the 4 phases you need to go through to leave a legacy behind for your family.

The Phases
Life Questions
Why do I want to change my current reality?

What skills can I learn to become more valuable
How do I turn my skill set into a business?

How do I turn my skill set to scale my business?
Where do I reinvest my money to get my time back?

How do I create multiple streams of income?
What is meaningful to me in life?

How would I love to live everyday every single day?
Part-time or
Full-time &
Total Freedom
Income Skills
Having nothing to sell.
No time.
Knowing what to do with all your time and money.
Business Owner
+ Companies
Acquire high income skills through digital certifications.
Navigate through the two phases:

1 - Start Up
2 - Scale Up
Invest in your money in two places:

1 - Delegation
2 - New streams of income
Legacy Building

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